March 8, Letter to the Editor

Downtown shaping up to be mess

I’m beginning to doubt our county/city officials can make the right decisions in improving infrastructure. The changes recently made around the Roosevelt County Courthouse are the latest example.

As the project began to take form, doubts and confusion also began to take form.

I thought the trees and other greenery taken out pleasantly added to the appearance of the courthouse.

There may be advantages to changing Main Street between First and Second streets to a two-way thoroughfare but I have yet to figure it out. I am sure we paid an engineer very well to develop this design.

And the best I can tell, the changes have not increased parking spaces, but only changed the configuration.

I was reminded by someone that the parking spaces from the south side that previously benefited tax-generating/tax-paying businesses were moved to the north side; now they benefit the post office and city hall.

To further complicate matters for businesses that now have virtually no parking available, stop signs were placed just past those businesses at the intersection. If you are lucky enough to park in front of those businesses, just wait until it’s time to leave your parking space along Second Street and exit into traffic that has now been changed from free flowing to a crawl. A traffic light at the Main/Second Street intersection would be an improvement, but I have little confidence of that occurring anytime soon.

I suggest, for the benefit of the business owners located on the south side of the square, that the area now filled with soil, be transformed once again back into much-needed parking spaces. I would encourage anyone to prove, at least partially,