Church musician releases album

By Helena Rodriguez: PNT Correspondent

After spending more than three decades recording CDs with his family group and singing for Mass at St. Helen’s Catholic Church, Andrew Sisneros has just recorded his first solo CD.

The Christian CD, titled “Perdoname Senor” or “Forgive Me O Lord,” was recorded at Sisneros’ home studio, Consuelo Records. The recording company was named after his late wife, Connie Sisneros, who died Jan. 9, 2008.

The CD was recently released and is available through Consuelo Records at 1212 N. Main, at Hestand Floral Gifts and in Lubbock at Brother John’s Catholic Bookstore.

The Andrew y Connie Sisneros y Familia group was a familiar fixture at St. Helen’s over the course of three decades as they sang for Sunday Masses.

Sisneros’ new CD features a number of songs many listeners will recognize, songs he sang at church regularly with his family. Some of these songs have become Sisneros family classics, such as “They Hung Him on a Cross” and “Buenos Dias Senor.”

The 13-track CD features Sisneros on vocals and occasionally on guitar, keyboard or drums.

The CD is bilingual, with almost half of the songs in both Spanish and English, and of the 13 tracks, 11 were written by Sisneros himself. The only two he did not write are “The Lord’s Prayer/El Padre Nuestro” and “They Hung Him on a Cross.”

Sisneros said it took him eight months to complete the recent CD, which is dedicated to the memory of his late wife.

The CD features mostly slow songs, but, Sisneros said there are three or four mild cumbias. Cumbias are rhythmic, fast-paced songs usually set to the music of keyboards or accordions.

The collection of songs also features Randy Chavez on bass and Sisneros’ grandson, Aaron Duran, on bass guitar as well. Falan Duran, Sisneros’ granddaughter, produced the CD.

Sisneros said his CDs receive airplay from Spanish radio stations such as KDCE in Espa