Press release: Stepped up enforcement for Memorial Day

Santa Fe—Holiday drivers will see increased law enforcement activity
this weekend as they drive across New Mexico. Travelers on I-10 and
I-40 will see an intensive traffic safety effort for the Memorial Day
Weekend. Police officers will be patrolling both Interstates from
border to border. New Mexico officers also join law enforcement from
Texas and Arizona to patrol the interstate enforcing speed, safety
restraint and drunk driving laws on these Interstates in all three

New Mexico officers with the State Police and the Motor
Transportation Division, will work these special projects supplementing
regularly assigned patrols to provide a safer Memorial Day weekend by
increasing the number of officers on the Interstates to reduce crash
and fatality rates.

State –wide there will be saturation patrols, checkpoints and
seatbelt operations at various times throughout the weekend in addition
to the Interstate operations.

“Many many people will be traveling to visit family and friends this
week. We want to make sure everybody has reason to be thankful instead
of grieving a senseless tragedy. Officers will be making sure everybody
drives the posted speed limit, wears a seat belt and that drunk drivers
are taken off the roadways. I wish everybody a safe holiday weekend
and start to the summer season.” said John Denko, DPS Cabinet Secretary.