June 7 On the Shelves


By Phillip Margolin

After rescuing the warden of a state penitentiary during a prison riot, Charlie Marsh, a petty thief and con man, becomes a national hero. It doesn’t take long though before he is wanted again, suspected of killing a United States congressman. Charlie flees for home to face his murder charge, after living for 12 years in the African nation of Batanga, when the sadistic, power-mad dictator he’s been living under discovers Charlie’s affair with the tyrant’s favorite wife. It’s not just the state of Oregon that has it in for the con man. Criminal lawyer, Amanda Jaffe must keep Charlie off death row, protect him from secret police, and prevent him from being caught by a shadowy killer who will stop at nothing to keep the truth about a decade-old crime buried forever.

Skin Trade : An Anita Black, Vampire Hunter Novel

By Laurell K. Hamilton

Even with the highest kill count of all the legal vampire executioners in the country, Anita Blake’s personal reputation has taken a hit. It seems that no one can trust a woman who sleeps with the monsters. Things get worse when a vampire serial killer sends her a head from Las Vegas and then she discovers that police officers and one executioner have been slain-paranormal style. Anita heads to Las Vegas with three other U.S. Marshals to track down the killer. When Anita gets too close to the bodies, she senses ‘tiger’ too strongly to ignore. The weretigers are very powerful in Las Vegas making the odds of her rubbing someone important the wrong way a lot higher.