Senior olympics

Four Roosevelt County residents captured individual gold medals at the state Senior Olympics Summer Games held in Las Cruces at the end of May.

Armando Payen, 59, was a winner in eight-ball billiards while Jim Brumfield, 74, was second in his age division at the 100-meter run.

Tim Bienvenu, 55, meanwhile, was first in an event called soccer accuracy and teammate Guadalupe Arcoamarrillo, 67, grabbed a gold for Frisbee accuracy.

Over 780 senior athletes were in the games and represented 130 communities in New Mexico.

Competition in the 26 sports was held in age divisions based upon five-year increments, beginning at age 50 and going up to 94.

A contingent of 12 participants from Portales attended the games.

Robert Montoya, 57, took second in two of his age bracket events while also being part of a doubles shuffleboard team that finished first.

Antonia Marez, 74, was also second in the Frisbee throw and Connie Marquez, 59, got runner-up status in shuffleboard singles.

Several others had third-place honors to their credit – including Johnny Tapia, 73 (Frisbee throw; softball throw), Raul Acosta, 73 (shuffleboard doubles), Ramon Jimenez, 65 (billiards).

— Compiled by PNT staff writer Eric Butler