Chamber of Commerce fall short of fireworks donation

Freedom New Mexico

The Smokin’ Third fireworks bash could wind up blowing up on the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce.

Two days before the event last week the chamber was $2,500 short of meeting its goal for the fireworks.

And right now it’s still $1,900 in the hole and threatening to fizzle next year’s fireworks.

Chamber Executive Director Sharon King said the organization is still taking donations.

“We’ll even go and pick it up if they want us to,” King said.

King thinks the reason for the donation shortfall might be because of the recession.

“I hope that is what it is,” King said. “I hope it is not anything else. But I think it is because people are strapped for money.”

King said the chamber may have to take a serious look into next year’s budget for fireworks if the goal isn’t met this year.

“I hope that we can get donations in to help pay for the full amount because it has to be paid,” King said. “That is what we have been contracted to do with the $8,500, so we have to pay it one way or another.”

Some of the money comes from the Lodger’s Tax Fund, which provides $3,000 for fireworks.

But $5,500 must come from private donors.

King said normally the Chamber reaches the goal and goes over, but not by much.

And clearly not yet this year.

Donations can be sent to the Chamber at 100 S. Avenue A., or call 356-8541