Business feature: Couple expanded laundry service from dairy clothes to uniforms and civilian clothing

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Valentine Linen has been operating for over 2 years in Portales.

Shannon and Ken Valentine started out cleaning dairy clothes for their other business, Udderly Clean.

Shannon said Ken used to work for Dairy Concepts. She started washing his uniforms at home.

“That was really what Valentine Linen service was going to be, a uniform company,” Valentine said. “Then I had some friends ask me if I could starch and press some jeans.”

The business evolved into being more focused on the public rather than privately owned businesses for uniform service.

“We just fell into helping the public and it has been fun,” Valentine said. “I’m a people person, and I love people, and I hope that when people walk in here, they feel right at home.”

Another way Valentine Linen is making people feel at home is by giving back to the community.

Valentine said the clothes and embroidery work Valentine buys to make into uniforms come from businesses in Portales.

Designs by J does the embroidery and Valentine buys jeans from Bar G Western and Casual Wear for the uniforms.

“We try to practice what we preach, it is just so frustrating,” Valentine said. “People don’t realize if you don’t shop local this little community is going to dry up and blow away.”

“If we see a button missing or a tear in a shirt, we’ll mend it to the best of our ability, with no charge to you,” she said. They also press flags for veterans organizations, who give them to the families of fallen soldiers. This service is free.

“The vet that brings the flags in told me ‘thank you,’” Valentine said. “I said ‘no, thank you for everything you’ve done.’”