Father, son retire from police work

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Like father, like son.

Raymond Chambers is retiring after 25 years with the Eastern New Mexico University Police, while son Scott Chambers is leaving as a chief deputy after 24 years with the Portales Police Department.

Police Chief Jeff Gill said it was a pleasure working with Scott for the past 16 years and the department will miss him.

“In your life, there are a lot of people that you meet,” Gill said. “But very few of them are going to leave a lasting long life impact. Scott is one of those people that had that kind of impact on me.”

Gill said Scott has been helpful, cares about the public, and put the department, the city and community before his own needs.

“He was very excellent with the community,” Gill said. “Many nights he was driving around town in the middle of the night, checking on things and making sure things were right.”

Scott was in charge of patrol division and animal control.

Police Capt. Lonnie Berry, who started a short time after Scott begin his career at the department, said Scott never sleeps.

“He worked in narcotics and I came in a short time later,” Berry said. “We both worked as partners together and worked criminal investigations sometimes. Of course as partners we did everything together.”

Berry said he learned everything about narcotics from Scott.

Scott served with the U.S. Marine Corps from 1981-84. Then he came to Portales to take his dad’s place on the force, as Raymond went to ENMU.

“We both have served for nearly 25 years,” Raymond said. “Scott at Portales and me at Eastern. Let me just say that for any parent that ever gets the opportunity to work with their children, they really need to do it.”

Both Scott and Raymond enjoy hunting and fishing, and they’ve gotten quite good at it. Berry said it’s “a real blow to your manhood” to go shooting and fishing with the Chambers pair.

“Scott outshoots us all, it is embarrassing,” Gill said. “We’ll shoot a dozen rounds for every dove, then Scott will kill twelve doves with one round. He’s quite the hunter and the fisherman. He does that with a great passion.”

Raymond worked with the university as a patrolman in 1978 before going to the Portales Department. He was there until 1984, when he took over as the university police chief.

Raymond said working for the university was an exceptional experience for him, as he worked for five different presidents.

“They all had one goal in mind — the safety and welfare of the students, faculty and staff,” Raymond said.