ENMU Board of Reagents approve funding requests

Freedom New Mexico

The Eastern New Mexico University Board of Regents has approved research and public service projects, while working to get money restored to the school from last year’s budget cuts.

During their meeting Wednesday on campus, the board approved a request to submit a list of projects for the Legislature in January. Two of the items on the list are KENW and athletics. Both had decreased funding from the state in 2009.

Steven Gamble, president of ENMU, said it was a long shot, but the university had to submit the list of projects so it could benefit the institution when the Legislature goes into session.

“We’re not requesting anything new, we’re just trying to make these programs whole,” Gamble said.

Gamble said the request had to be in before Aug. 1, and could not have been done during the last board meeting in June.

The university is asking for $2,097,100 for athletics for 13 sports, providing grants in aid, training and competition, equipment and money for traveling. ENMU is also requesting $1,389,400 for KENW for full service public television, educational programming and hands-on training for students for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Those amounts are totals requested for the programs for next year, including enough to recoup what was lost in budget cuts this year.

Gamble said there is a chance that the Legislature might hold a special session in September or October to make more budget cuts because the state is short on money.

Other projects on the list include Blackwater Draw, various junior bills, math education specialist programs, speech and hearing rehabilitation center and aviation science technology to name a few.