Getting to know: Pastor improves skills

Freedom New Mexico

David McVey, 53, is in his fourth year as pastor of Central Christian Church in Portales.

David and his wife Lola, who have three children — Joshua, Jo and Will — moved to town in 2006 after living in Charleston, W.Va.

McVey is originally from Grundy, Va., and is on course to finish a master’s degree in counseling next spring at Eastern New Mexico University.

Did you know anything about Portales when you took the job?

A little. My son (Joshua), who’s now a youth pastor here, had done an internship in Clovis and he had a friend who was from Portales.

What’s the atmosphere like on a typical Sunday at Central Christian?

We have services at 8:15 and at 10:30. The first service, the music is more traditional while the second service we’ve got more contemporary music with a band — guitars, drums. It’s interesting, people have different tastes (in music). We sing some of the old-time gospel in the early service, but we also do some hymns in the second one too.

Is there any part of the Bible that you think is under used?

I think the whole Bible is under-utilized. I like the Gospels; I think what’s important for us to understand, from my perspective, are the red letters. I like what Luther said one time: “If you’re frightened or confused by God, run to Jesus.”

Have you ever repeated a sermon?

Oh sure. In different places. I did have a professor once get asked how soon it was to do the same sermon and he said that Sunday night was soon enough.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like to be outside. I like to ride my bike, it’s a mountain bike. Portales is a great place to ride a bike. There are no mountains, but the wind can be a challenge.

Do you like to get out-of-town once in awhile?

Sure, we like to go to Santa Fe and to Albuquerque. We like Las Vegas (NM), really. The church once had a summer camp up there in the mountains about 20 miles from town. It’s a beautiful area.

What made you decide to seek a master’s degree in counseling?

Just to improve what I do. To do what I do better, because I do talk to people. To have more tools to help people work through things.