Getting to know: Pink lady has 5,000 hours of service

Madeen Casey, 87, has volunteered with the Hospital Auxiliary, perhaps better know as “pink ladies,” for the past 24 years.

Casey and her husband, Verlin, who has since passed on, raised three daughters. Two, Doniece Morgan and Phyllis Dever, live in Clovis while another, Patricia Tivis, resides in Roswell.

Casey, who is a member of First Baptist Church, has accumulated 5000 hours of volunteer time working at the hospital.

How did you become involved with the pink ladies to begin with?

My mother was in the nursing home out here for two-and-a-half years, so I was out there a lot. When she passed away, I volunteered to shampoo the little ladies’ hair and set it and all. I was trying to make up my mind, to see if I could be a pink lady. So I decided, yes, I’m willing to do that.

What’s the best part about volunteering at the hospital?

Oh, just meeting people and, if you can help anyone, it just gives you satisfaction. And I don’t think I would’ve met some of the ladies had I not become one of the pink ladies. I like people; I enjoy people. And it gives you a better feeling when you can help someone a little bit.

Are you from Portales originally?

No, I’m from Texas — Sudan and Amherst. My dad bought a small ranch out north (of town) and then he had us a house built on the Cemetery Highway. I guess he bought 20 acres. It had been a cotton field. It was here when I met my husband; he was teaching at Dora then.

Do you like to read or watch TV?

I like to read — one thing after another. I don’t watch TV. TV’s not very good. I do watch some, but I don’t watch the soap operas — they have too much trouble. Some people just get really hung up on it, especially when you can’t drive. I still drive and am active like that. I guess, if you can’t get out, you would watch more TV.

What do you like to do for family get-togethers?

Just visit. The girls help me with outside chores, because that’s getting harder for me to do. They were here last Sunday and we had sort of a Fourth of July cookout.

Do you have any pets?

No. One of my granddaughters told me, “Grammy, you just need a cat.” I said, “When I get old, I’ll get one.”