Getting to know: Volunteer likes to pay it forward

Rose Robbins has been living in Portales for five years, and already has made an impact on the people around her. Robbins volunteers for Portales MainStreet, Portales Kiwanis Club and Portales Women’s Club. She moved to Portales from Fort Worth when she married her husband, Gary.

Robbins is able to do more things to help people because she has a little more time on her hands, she said.

Who got you involved in volunteering?

Danny Woodard is just a gem. He called and asked me to join MainStreet. Then I got involved in Portales Kiwanis Club, which is an incredible organization, and Jane Hilliard got me into Portales Women’s Club.

What do you do at MainStreet?

I used to be the head of the promotions committee. Now I’m just with the board. We’re in charge of the wine festival. Recently the group got together to dig a ditch to save money on plumbing.

We have tree-trimming days where we all go out and trim the trees on the square and spray weeds.

What made you want to do volunteer work?

I am the luckiest person in the world in that I have been given so much, and this is my way of giving back.

Do you enjoy it?

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it. What I get out of it is seeing the results of it as a way of helping other people. My whole philosophy in life is, “pay it forward.” I do nice things, and it always comes back ten fold.

What are the special moments?

I’ve sponsored children in soccer when I didn’t know who they were. A year later I hear that the child would turn out to be the star soccer player. It makes you feel good that you helped somebody that would normally not get there. It was like a year later, and I ran into the mother of the child at Wal-Mart.

It is not immediate gratification. Somebody will come up to you and tell you how you have affected or changed their lives.

What else do you volunteer for?

We do Zia Moms for Eastern New Mexico University basketball team, where we adopt a girl basketball player. It was started by Sharon Davis, who is wonderful. What we do, we adopt a girl for the semester, and they come over for dinner, and we make little baskets for them. After they play a game here at Eastern, we have dinner waiting for them when they are done. That one is fun.

What is your favorite quote?

From Apollo 13: “Failure is not an option.”