Business Feature: Business venture joint effort

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

C.B. Eddins and his wife Norma Griffin work together selling Avon products for little extra Christmas money for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Eddins and Griffin met at the Portales Senior Center and have been married for three years. The retired couple has been working with Avon for a year and half.

“It is a good part-time job for a little extra spending money,” Eddins said.

Avon offers customers and sales representatives different things, much more than make-up and lotions. Customers can buy clothes, pots and pans, jewelry, shoes, handbags and toys.

“There are all kinds of things,” Griffin said. “We’re cheaper than most places. We can even best Wal-Mart when we have a sale.”

Griffin said she thinks Avon is an opportunity for anyone.

“It gives us a chance to get out and meet people, while having some income,” Griffin said. “It’s really not that expensive to get into. When we first started it out, the orders were small.”