Business feature: Cosmetologist offers traveling service

Amanda Kaberlein’s business AmandaKure Salon offers some of the usual and something unusual.

Kaberlein is also a traveling cosmetologist. If a customer can’t make it to salon, she goes to the customer.

“When I was at school we knew a lot of people who couldn’t go to the beauty salon on a regular basis,” Kaberlein said. “They can’t find a ride or can’t drive. It is really sad that we can’t take the time to help people out. So, I thought if they can’t come to me, then I’ll go to them.”

Kaberlein has been in business for nearly two years. But it is a lifelong obsession.

As a child, Kaberlein said she used to take toothpicks and paint designs on her nails. She would also curl her father’s hair.

Later, she got involved in doing hair and make up with a theater group in Chicago.

“When I did that it made me realize what I wanted to do,” Kaberlein said. “So I came home and went to school. I had every intention of going back, but God said ‘No, you’re staying here.’ ”

Kaberlein started her business in the same building as her mother, Debbie Strong’s Curves for Women.

Kaberlein does manicures, pedicures, waxing, nails, perms, cuts hair for men and women. She believes more men should get manicures and pedicures.

“Men need to take care of their hands and feet just as much as women,” she said, “ because men use theirs more often.”

The most fun for Kaberlein? Getting girls ready for parties, especially birthday parties. She said it’s a chance for some girl time. Also, the girls try on new clothes and can have three glamour shots taken at the end of the session.

“What we do is we take the whole day,” Kaberlein said. “They come in and the parents are free to leave them and the parents can stay if they want. We do manicures, pedicures or whatever they want to.”