Senior Center hosting open house

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

The Portales Senior Center is hosting an open house Nov. 14 to showcase improvements and drum up community involvement.

Director of the Portales Senior Center, Dawn Kryder, said it’s the center’s first open house.

“We’re opening the center up to the community,” Kryder said. “We’ve added a lot of activities and it is just to let everyone know how nice our building is.”

Kryder said the goal is to get more people involved with the center. The center has activities for seniors scheduled almost every week.

“They do the Peanut Festival every year, a pot luck on every Thursday and cook meals,” Kryder said about what the seniors are actively doing there. “The open house is more or less to raise awareness with people to let them know we’re out here.”

The open house features country line dancing by Eva McAfoos, bingo with prizes and a tour.

Miriam Welker, president of the seniors association, said the center has been busy getting ready for the open house next week.

“We’ll have refreshments, sandwiches, veggie trays, desserts, chips and dip,” Welker said. “Then the line dancers are going to do a little program. Then during all of this people will have a chance to wander around the building to see what we have done.”