Recent road work deteriorating rapidly

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

The road leans one way, then another, has bumps and cracks in spots.

A stretch of N.M. 206 has been the object of some debate over the past four years.

And while the road’s been worked on several times to fix problems, David Groves is not happy with the results.

The road fronts Groves property.

“To me it’s not very good…work, somebody just came out here and tossed it down,” Groves said. “You can see how it has dipped down. The road is already giving in places and you can see the ruts. All the ties they did in the road are not very good.”

Groves makes a living working with heavy equipment and has some experience working on roads.

New Mexico Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Manon Arnett said work has begun on sealing the road to keep it from degrading further. He said repairs or scheduled for completion within the next two weeks.

“Work has been scheduled and will be done by the Portales Maintenance Patrol depending on the weather,” Arnett said in an e-mail. “This will include a crack seal project on N.M. 206, from mile post 67-82.”

Arnett said the crack seal is part of the roadway rehabilitation project funded with state maintenance funds.

N.M. 206 was the site of a $1.5 million renovation in 2005. But shortly after the project was finished, officials discovered foundation problems.

The contractor, Brazier Construction of Colorado, returned to the project and shared in the expense of fixing problems.

Three years later in 2008, the state hired James Hamilton Construction of Silver City to replace a 14 mile stretch for $5 million.

Arnett said crews are applying a cold pour seal to the base course, which is the layer directly on top of undisturbed soil to provide a stronger foundation for support.