Letter to the Editor: Students deserve full attention

Students deserve full attention

I attended the annual Lindsey Middle School Concert on Tuesday evening and would like to commend the teachers and their students for their hard work and wonderful program.

I wish the audience’s behavior extended the courtesy to the students that they deserved.

During the 35-minute concert, not 30 seconds went by without children and adults running in and out of the doors, which was extremely disruptive to those of us trying to listen.

I am sure other school concerts and programs will be held in the days ahead and I would like to ask that those attending follow these common courtesies:

• Get to the program on time.

• Use the restroom before you go or at the location before the program begins.

• Shut your cell phones off or, better yet, leave them in the car. I am sure you can be without calls or texting for 35 minutes.

• Teach your children to sit quietly. I know this is easier said than done, but this is a good time to teach them to be courteous to others.

I understand there are unforeseen circumstances, but if everyone tried to follow these suggestions, the program would be more enjoyable for everyone.

As I looked at those beautiful faces with smiles as they completed their concert, I could see how much it meant to the musicians and singers to be able to share their blossoming talents with us.

Let’s give them back the respect they deserve.