Business feature: Video game store provides safe environment for teens

PNT staff

Kayce Whitacre and her son opened a new business that caters to gamers and collectors alike.

The Echo Chamber has been operating for a couple months, located in the shadow of the Portales Fire Department. Whitacre’s son, Andy Anderson, and his wife, Samantha, are volunteering to help her.

The store offers used video games, music and video game consoles. Among it’s new merchandise are air brushed and screen printed T-shirts, mirrors with customized decorations, comics, collectable toys and snow cones.

The idea was to offer something unique to the community to save money.

Whitacre said there is not much for college-age people or teenagers to go for video games. The Echo Chamber aims to give children and high school and college students a safe place to go where parents don’t have to worry about them.

“I remember when my son was growing up, he had to have every video game that came out,” Whitacre said. “That will break someone really fast, so here people can come in and get a couple of games for the price of a new one.”

The long-time Portales resident owned a comic book store for a time.

“My son and I always collected comics,” Whitacre said. “We stopped the business because my dad had Alzheimer’s so we closed, and we always wanted to open another store, but not comics this time around.”

Whitacre said her son knows everything about games, and she runs the art side of the store.

“We mainly saw a need,” Whitacre said. “Also we’re going to feature live music every once and a while.”

She and her son want to give local bands a chance to play and show off what they know.

At Echo Chamber, customers can exchange games, video consoles or controllers and music CDs. Whitacre said she and her son test everything to make sure it works because they stand behind what they sell to their customers.

Whitacre said the store has a good turn around with finding things that someone might want, so customers should check back often.