Elida woman inducted to 4-H Hall of Fame

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Glenda Parrish Anthony of Elida was inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame earlier this month for working at something she just might enjoy more than anything.

Anthony was among 13 given a place of honor Dec. 15 for their service to the program.

Roosevelt County Extension Home Economist Connie Moyer said she has known Anthony for 13 years.

“She has been dedicated to the 4-H program for many years,” Moyer said. “She was a 4-Her, a 4-H parent and 4-H leader and now she works with her grandchildren all the time.”

Anthony said she couldn’t remember a time when she wasn’t part of the 4-H program.

“I feel it is quite an honor to be inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame,” Anthony said. “I was a part of some animal projects and did a little bit of showing. For the most part mine was economics. So, I did baking and food preservation.”

Anthony helps out her granddaughters, and other 4-H children, and sometimes she helps me with projects, said Moyer.

Anthony helps her granddaughters with projects, quilt camps and county fairs. She has been a part of 4-H program for 60 years.

In 1956, Anthony attended the National 4-H Congress in Chicago by winning a scholarship and two years later she served as New Mexico 4-H Ambassador.

“We try to nominate someone who has contributed a lot to the 4-H program in the county,” said Jackie Clark, Roosevelt Count extension office secretary. Anthony credits her mother, Aline Parrish, as the person who kept her going in 4-H when she was younger.

Anthony and her sister put together a 4-H scholarship in their mother’s name.