Health tips featured on show

By Sheryl Borden: Creative living

Information on choosing a career or life coach, staying healthy, and learning to make our dreams come true will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and noon Thursday.

Judi Moreo is a motivational speaker and an author, and she’s going to talk about her latest book, titled “You Are More Than Enough,” and explain why we should associate with positive people, pick a career or life coach and much more. Her company is Turning Points International in Las Vegas, Nev.

Laura Dellutri is going to share some quick and easy tips to cut down on coughs and colds to keep the entire family healthy. Her company is Healthy Housekeeper Inc. in Overland Park, Kan.

Wilny Audain is a motivational speaker and author from Hialeah, Fla. His book is called “Nuggets of Gold,” and he’s going to talk about the impossible dream and how we must dream first in order for anything or any goal to be within our reach.

Information on making spa products at home and using bias tapes and appliques will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” at noon Tuesday and 2 p.m. Saturday.

Sandy Grettenberger, owner of LorAnn Oils in Lansing, Mich., will show how to make high-end body treatments like those found in luxury spas and salons.

Pat de Santis of Wm. E. Wrights Co. will show a technique for making “flat” houses from bias tapes and applique designs and then show ways to decorate with them. She’s from West Warren, Mass.

Cold and flu season tips

Almost 70 percent of Americans go to work sick, according to a new survey, and most kids average up to 10 colds a year throughout childhood. The average person experiences 233 colds in a lifetime.

But what’s a parent to do when the sniffles and coughing begin to clear, but a new round of symptoms cycle through the household members? Here are four tips to stop recycling colds by cleaning things you might not think about!

• Clean and sanitize your family’s toothbrushes daily. Toothbrushes hold germs that make you sick and contribute to recycling your cold germs for months.

Solution: Daily cleaning with a toothbrush sanitizer holder or sterilize toothbrushes in boiling water. By destroying the DNA in bacteria, the ultraviolet light sanitizes your toothbrush, gets rid of microorganisms and kills salmonella and E. coli.

Effectiveness: Uses the same germicidal technology (ultraviolet light) as hospitals and dental offices to kill microorganisms.

• Clean and sanitize remote controls for TV and video games. These high-contact surfaces spread germs like wildfire.

Solution: Retrace your sick family members’ steps and clean all the surfaces they may have touched. Include remote controls, door knobs, bathroom fixtures, even the toilet handle. Wash and sanitize family members’ hands frequently throughout the day.

• Clean and conquer the germs. Sick people tend to spread germs on high contact areas. Teach your family to throw away the tissue and wash their hands each time they sneeze or cough.

Solution: Keep plenty of tissues on hand, and keep a trash can next to the sick person’s bed so dirty tissues end up in the trash and not on the floor or bedding.

• Isolate and comfort. Keep the infected family member contained to one room. For quick cleaning, use an ultraviolet wand to kill germs. If the sick person roams the home, he or she contaminates everyone else! Comfort them with all the extras: chicken soup, cough drops, soft tissue, plenty of liquids and lots of tender loving care.