Business feature: Musician offers local artists recording services

PNT staff reports

Jake Jones said the S.L. in S.L. Studios is short for “Smiling out Loud,” which was the idea of his wife, Josie.

Jones has owned the home recording studio for several years. He has been a musician since he was 6 years old, and he always wanted to play, write and record music. Jones was born in Austin, Texas, and moved to Portales in 2000 and then to Dora.

“I didn’t have a band and didn’t know anyone that did,” Jones said. “So I basically wanted to be able to create music I could play along with and hear what I sounded like from a third-person point of view.”

Jones said his dad bought him cheap recording software and a $10 microphone.

Eventually, a local country singer named Allie Brooks approached Jones for help. She wanted to record demonstration songs to send off while her band was taking a break.

Jones said after talking to her, he went online and bought some OK equipment. Brooks also brought equipment with her and paid Jones for his help with recording.

Jones does scratch recording for soloists and bands, and does mixing, layering and overlapping. If his customers need it, he can also contribute to their sound.

“I can play drums, guitar and bass guitar, and write,” Jones said.

People can pay $30 for a block of time and get a good quality recording, said Jones.

— Complied by PNT Staff Writer Clarence Plank