Annual Women’s Day Out gives women chance to connect

By Argen Duncan: PNT senior writer

With lessons including jewelry, marketing and belly dancing, the sixth annual Women’s Day Out is coming up this month.

The event, organized by the Portales Women’s Club, raises money for the group’s community projects and offers a variety of workshops, vendors, a speech by motivational speaker Pam Atherton of Clovis and lunch.

“It’s a great event for women to network and to learn, and I’m always honored to be asked to be a part of it,” Atherton said of her reasons for speaking every year.

The contents of her talk aren’t always formulated in her head until closer to Women’s Day Out, she said, but she always speaks on women, growth and empowerment.

Event organizer Patrice Tompkins said most of the classes are new this year. However, popular classes, such as belly dancing and yoga, and regular presenters, such as Dillards and Curt Jaynes of Garden Source, are back with fresh topics.

Among the workshops, subjects include growing vegetable and house plants, cake decorating, child development, skin care and information about plastic surgery. The day has three class sessions with several choices of workshops for each one.

“I think these classes are as good as or better than last year,” Tompkins said.

Organizations providing booths range from Girl Scouts and local children’s homes to candle vendors, exercise facilities and clothing stores. Tompkins said the schedule now allows for 30 minutes of shopping before the turkey sandwich lunch.

“We’re making money, but we’re giving back to the community,” she said.