ENMU hosting annual math and science night at James Elementary

By Zuo Yang: PNT Staff Writer

Eastern New Mexico University will hold its annual family math and science night March 9 at R.M. James Elementary School.

“We do it every semester,” said Catrina Steptoe, secretary of the communication committee for the program for second- and third-graders.

This is the third family math and science night that ENMU has held. Steptoe said last year’s event drew about 150 guests.

On the family night, parents will come to James Elementary and join their children in science and sports activities. Refreshments will be provided.

The five sections include lessons on eating healthy, balancing and golf angles.

“They will be able to participate in each table,” Steptoe said, “and learn how to solve problems.”

Two ENMU Elementary Education Department committees are preparing for the family night. The communication committee is doing publicity, including sending out invitations in English and Spanish to parents. The logistics committee is in charge of materials and handling money, including donations.

“We are getting our materials ready now and will start decorating soon,” said Steptoe, who said donation inquiries can be e-mailed to catrina.steptoe@enmu.edu. “We can only receive at most $100 per organization.”

Monica Nuckols, a teacher at James Elementary, said she likes the interaction with the university.

“These Eastern students will learn to be teachers and prepare hands-on activities for our classroom students,” Nuckols said. “They enrich our classroom student experience.”

Shana Mead, an early child education major at ENMU and a teaching assistant at James, said the learning is a two-way street.

“It really teaches you a lot,” Mead said. “It really gives me better ideas about what to do in my classroom. And I learn many teaching techniques that I don’t know before.”