Letter to the Editor: Thankful for work of FBI

Thankful for work of FBI

I have lost all faith in the New Mexico state criminal justice system.

Donald Taylor only served about 4 1/2 years in prison for the attempted armed robbery of Wal-Mart in Portales and the parole board released him. Within two months, he shot my father, Bo Chunn.

We heard Donald Taylor on tape laughing about shooting my father. He stated he wanted to be a serial killer and kill three people a week.

He was only being held in jail on a parole violation when the FBI broke the case and Taylor was indicted for my father’s murder.

My family and I had to listen to a defense attorney for Billy Joe Watson scream at the top of his lungs about the evil doings of the FBI for framing his client. Gary Mitchell did it enough that the jury bought it and Watson was acquitted.

The same evil FBI that Mitchell referred to is the agency that may have saved numerous people from becoming murder victims of the wanna-be serial killer Taylor.

Roosevelt County should be thankful for the tremendous work of the FBI.