My Turn: How do you like us now?

By David Stevens: Freedom New Mexico Editor

Dear reader,

The type is larger and easier to read.

The stories are shorter and more personal.

We’re trying to generate more local photos, increase the number of local voices, allow for more interaction.

This what you had in mind?

These are some of the things we heard when we asked what you would like to see in a redesigned Portales News-Tribune, which we’ve unveiled today.

We also heard from some of you who said you wanted:

• More crime news.

• Less crime news.

• More sports.

• Less sports.

• More opinions.

• Just the facts.

Some even said, “Don’t change anything.”

Ahh, so we don’t expect we’ve pleased everyone. But we’ve tried to make changes you’ve been asking about for years and keep in mind the three most important words we hear from our customers when you tell us what you want:

Local, local, local.