Sheriff’s office appeals for help finding suspect

Freedom New Mexico

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department is appealing for public help to locate a man charged with aggravated battery.

Greg M. Sena, 28, of Las Vegas, N.M., beat his girlfriend with a baseball bat as she was holding their child, said Sheriff Darren Hooker.

“It was a bad situation that took place the other night with his girlfriend and his child on the side of the road,” Hooker said. “He got a lot of innocent people involved and we just want to get him wrapped up and where he belongs.”

Hooker said it happened March 5 on state Highway 467 (Cannon Air Base Road).

Hooker said Sena and his girlfriend were arguing when he pulled the car over and told her to get out and walk. Hooker said when she tried to take their daughter, Sena attacked her.

Sena choked the woman and struck her one time with a baseball bat while she was holding their child, according to the press release.

Hooker said Sena fled the scene with the child, but moments later tried to ram a vehicle head-on, forcing the driver off the road.

Later on, the child was returned to her mother, but Sena fled the scene.

Anyone with information can call the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office at 356-4408.