Rotary Club donates 2,000 pencils to schools

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Now, Portales elementary school students know all they have to do is ask.

In this case, it’s 2,000 pencils, courtesy of the Portales Rotary Club.

It all started with a letter from a Lindsey School student as part of a school writing project.

Portales Rotary Club member Chris Wood said his step-daughter Janay Summers, a sixth grader at Lindsey, sent the letter to his office at Frost Mortgage asking for a pencil donation.

“She’s in Amy Lovett’s class over at Lindsey,” Wood said. “The class project I think was to write a business and ask for something. Not that they were actually asking for donations or anything like that. It was for a class assignment.”

The Rotary Club was looking for a community project.

“The letter got me thinking,” Wood said. “The letter just said things like, ‘hey, it is kind of sad that some kids don’t have pencils and they have to go up and ask the teacher’…stuff like that.”

Wood said he thought it would be a good way for the Rotary to give back to the community. He sharpened up his skills of persuasion and took the pencil request to the Rotary board.

The Rotary ordered 1,000 mechanical pencils for older students and 1,000 regular pencils for elementary students.

Wood said they already gave some of the pencils to students at Lindsey. Now, he said, they will donate the rest to other schools in the community.

“This was one of our small projects for the year,” said Jerry Strum, Rotary president. “Right now, this is a one-time donation. But if someone approaches the Rotary board again, we would take it into consideration.”