My turn: Fishermen are not all alike

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

It is always a lot of fun watching people fish. I’ve noticed four different types of fishers:

• Pretenders: A pretender walks around looking for the best spot to fish, usually carrying three tackle boxes around. This person is usually alone. He/she always talks about the one that got away.

• Movers: A mover may seem like a pretender at first, seemingly looking for a spot to fish. Don’t be deceived. These people are carefully watching you. They slowly inch closer to your spot if you’re having success.

• Everready: This is the fisher who has every lure, different kind of bait, electronic gizmo and outdoor equipment for any situation. OK, now tell me again why I need to carry elephant repellent with me when I go to the bathroom?

• Laid back: A laid-back fisher is someone who just brings the basics to fish and simply enjoys fishing. I am a laid-back fisher. I love this sport.