The stone has been rolled away

By Joan Clayton: PNT columnist

Jesus knew the suffering he would have to endure, but he chose the cross anyway. He could have called “10,000 angels” to come to his aid, but then, where would we be?

Jesus took the sins of mankind once and for all so we could escape the Old Testament judgment. No longer will we have a flood covering the earth like in Noah’s time to rid the world of sin. Jesus became the sacrificial Lamb for you and me.

The Resurrection is our “hope that springs eternal.” Jesus chose the path to the cross because he is love and love conquers all. The cross is a testimony of God’s grace and forgiveness. It’s the message of the Resurrection. He overcame death for you and me. Jesus is the bridge to life’s greatest hope, the hope beyond the grave.

The Resurrection is more than an historic event. It is demonstrated every day in the lives of hungry hearts. Jesus is the “Great Cardiologist,” and he will make home in those who believe. He is the daystar causing the shadows of darkness to flee.

One of the great statements Jesus spoke in view of his Resurrection is found in John 14:19: “Because I live, you will live also.”

It is God’s seal upon the work of Jesus in behalf of a lost humanity. It is proof that God has vanquished the powers of evil and death itself.

The One who endured the cross seeks those who are his with matchless grace reaching out to hurting people. There is no obstacle that his love cannot overcome. His love conquered death, forever sealing the victory. His sweetest words of love come to the depths of contrite hearts, bringing joy to repentant souls.

On a hill called Calvary, I can see a man who died for me. Easter reveals the wonderful truth of the Resurrection, proving once again that love is stronger than death.

The tomb is empty. The stone’s been rolled away, bringing endless hope to the human heart.

“On that Easter morn sorrow spread about.

Little did they know, all they had was doubt.

Before, the sky was heavy. Lightning clashed and trees were bent.

All around was darkness. Then the veil was rent.

Now it’s Easter morn. The stone’s been rolled away.

Mary, torn by weeping, could not find a way.

The angel said, ‘Why weepest thou? He is not here. He’s risen.’

Oh what wondrous news … eternal life is given.

Let us join in the hope, dear one. Jesus Christ was born.

Now He’s risen from the dead on that glorious Easter morn.

Oh, it’s such God News. He’s taken away our sin.

Because of the Resurrection we overcome and win!”

He is risen.

He is risen indeed.