My turn: Fish luring trial and error process

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

There is such a fascination with lure and bait when it comes to catching fish.

I’m old fashioned. I use worms and sometimes turkey liver.

A fisherman has plenty to choose from these days. If you go to any sporting goods store, you will see a wide variety of hooks, lures and bait.

In Haletown, Tenn., there is a small pond where people have caught fish using bread — because nothing else works.

Here in eastern New Mexico, I’ve noticed a few people use lures, worms and liver to catch catfish and trout at Oasis State Park.

What I have learned is by trial and error. Fishing with liver and worms, you can catch catfish. Stripped bass and blue gill go for worms.

Someone told me to use corn to catch carp because they eat plants. I think the person who told me that was pulling my leg.

I understand that not many fishermen share their fishing secrets, but what do you use? Is it something strange, bizarre or something unique to New Mexico? Let us know.