ENMU hosting Holocaust Remembrance Day

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Eastern New Mexico University is hosting a Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday.

ENMU Assistant Professor of History Dale Streeter said six million Jews and others Nazis considered impure died in the Holocaust.

“This year we’re going to have a vigil and a commemorative table where some of the students are going to read some of the diaries and some accounts of these things,” Streeter said.

The universal symbol of the Holocaust is a ring of barb wire with a candle burning in the center to remember those who died.

Remembrance Day is sponsored by the History Guild at ENMU.

“Jehovah witnesses, gypsies, in particular were singled out for destruction because the Germans considered them a mongrel race,” Streeter said. “Religious dissidents, political prisoners, homosexuals, prisoners of war — especially Russian prisoners of war — and almost anyone the German government thought were undesirable.”

They were put in concentration camps if they weren’t selected to be killed right away.

Amber Brown, vice president, of the History Guild, said she enjoys being part of the guild because it is open to people who are not history majors. She said she has learned much about the Holocaust while working on Remembrance Day.“People focus on the Jewish people who were killed during the Holocaust, but there were five million people that were considered undesirable by the Nazi party and Hitler. I learned a lot about those particular groups and how they were persecuted.”