LIndsey-Steiner Elementary School near completion

By Zuo Yang: PNT staff writer

When the 2010-11 school year rolls around, every elementary school class will have a new home in the Portales school system.

First- and second-graders will be at James Elementary, third- and fourth-graders will be at Valencia Elementary and fifth- and sixth-graders will have classes at the new Lindsey-Steiner school, Superintendent Randy Fowler said.

Fowler said about 80 percent of construction work is finished on the Lindsey-Steiner school, located at 1216 West Ivy Street next to the current Lindsey campus.

The old Lindsey school will be demolished and the property will be used as the playground for this new school.

Combining schools at a cost of $16 million was the fiscally responsible move, Fowler said.

“We had two schools that are approximately 70 years old,” Fowler said. “We feel like it would be more cost-efficient to build a new school instead of remodeling those two schools,” Added Fowler.

Fowler said there won’t be much cost to move grade levels among existing schools except for some transportation fees of materials.

Lindsey Principal Rick Segovia is happy with the changes.

The principal of Lindsey school is happy about this construction.

“We have the new facilities for Portales community to use,” Segovia said. “We have the new recreational programs with our new gyms, and we have a new dining hall. It’s just an opportunity to have everything brand new.”