Their view: Denish touts rural economic development plan

Diane Denish, Democratic candidate for governor, has rolled out a small business and rural economic development plan aimed at creating jobs, according to her website,

Her plan is aimed at increasing access to capital, cutting administrative red tape and using technology to help small, rural businesses connect with helpful resources, she said.

From her website:

‘“As governor, I will focus every day on New Mexico’s economic recovery and on helping small business owners create new jobs in our communities,” Denish said. “I was a small business owner for many years and I know our economic recovery has to start here at home — with our home-grown entrepreneurs who are taking a chance on prosperity right here in New Mexico.

‘“The small business owners and people of rural New Mexico have been hit particularly hard by this economic downturn. That’s why I’m focused on finding innovative ways to create jobs all across our state from the urban core of the Rio Grande Corridor to the Main Streets of small-town New Mexico.”

“Some of the major components of the plan include:

• “Increasing access to capital for small businesses through the expansion of an innovative micro-lending program that has already helped more than 1,800 small businesses grow and create jobs.

• “Creating a loan-back guarantee program to encourage community banks to start lending to local businesses.

• “A $2,500 job-creation tax credit to help small business owners create immediate jobs for New Mexicans.

• “Developing an online One-Stop-Shop for businesses to file paperwork, link to lenders or learn about tax-credit programs.

• “Contracting procurement points for New Mexico-based small businesses.

• “A farm-to-table plan to encourage institutional use of New Mexico agricultural products.

• “Capital priority for rural broadband projects.”