Their view: Let’s put focus on victims’ rights

Susana Martinez is a Republican candidate for New Mexico governor. Here’s what she has to say about crime:

“For too long, soft-on-crime politicians have focused less on the rights of victims and more on the rights of

criminals. That will end in a Martinez Administration. I will make accountability the order of each and every day.

“Criminals will be made to understand New Mexico is not a place they want to visit, much less reside in. I will be a strong advocate for tougher laws to protect the most vulnerable among us, including children, the disabled and seniors.

“As a prosecutor, public safety has always been my top priority. As governor, I will fight to reinstate the death penalty for the most horrendous crimes. Those who murder law enforcement officials, witnesses and children in the course of a sexual assault should face the ultimate punishment.

“I will also conduct a thorough review of our state’s laws and report back to New Mexico’s citizens on laws that need changing and toughening to ensure no one takes advantage of the system. One area that will receive particular attention will be laws against sex offenders and child abusers.

“… As governor, I will look for ways to increase support and funding for law enforcement so that their presence in our streets and communities is enhanced. …”