My turn: Appreciation for food started with mom

By Argen Duncan: Senior writer

With Mother’s Day coming up, I want to tell you about my mom, one of my favorite cooks.

Mom made meals I loved as a kid, and she never throttled me for complaining about dinners I didn’t like so much. Until dad took over much of the chef work, mom cooked most nights on top of chasing kids, cleaning house, running errands and, eventually, going to work.

Sometimes Mom would get tired of the same ol’ recipes and find something new. She introduced me to a number of my favorite dishes, and the appreciation for new foods must have rubbed off.

Still, there are old favorites, like Mom’s cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast.

Another mom-made favorite from my childhood on is simple, sweet, healthy fruit salad.

The pineapple goes in last so the juice coats the other fruit and keeps it from turning brown. There’s no set recipe, but in tribute to Mom, her love and her good cooking, here’s one possibility: