Students, staff say farewell

Teachers, students and staff are wrapping up the final semester at W.E. Lindsey Elementary School before moving into a new Lindsey-Steiner school building in the fall.

For current and former students, it seems hard to let go of the building where they made the transition from sixth grade to junior high.

Choir, reading and English teacher Cindy Stone, a former Lindsey student, said she has been teaching at Lindsey for a year. She said she still remembers when she once walked the halls.

“I went to school at Lindsey as a sixth grader,” Stone said.

Lindsey School is named after former mayor and state governor Washington. E. Lindsey, who donated the land where the school sits today. It was built in 1936 and classes began in 1937.

“I think it is kind of sad because it is our sixth grade school,” said Lindsey student Kaylie Batacao, 12.

A Lindsey Building farewell is scheduled next week at the building and will feature former teachers, students and faculty. Participants are being encouraged to bring any pictures or memorabilia of the school to share.

Lindsey math teacher Jonathan Smith went to school at Lindsey in the mid 80s.

“I went to school here as a sixth grader so it will be a little bittersweet to see the school go down, but it will be better for the students as a whole,” Smith said.

Lindsey Principal Rick Segovia will be the principal for the new school opening in the fall.

The last day for school for students is May 27 and teachers are already packing for the move.

“There are good memories here,” Segovia said. “I was a student here and every now and then I would think back to being a student. Now, I’m a principal.

“It has been a great building and been very well maintained,” he said, “but again I see it being cost effective building a new (facility)…rather than renovate two 70 year-old buildings like Steiner and Lindsey.”