Their view: Elections will be telling of Democratic tactics

Portales’ Sharon Faulkner regularly writes letters to the editor. Here’s her


“I wonder why the Democrats don’t seem to have primaries anymore?

“We all know that most Democrat rank and filers are outraged at this current crop in Congress (so called) that ran as pro-faith, life, freedom, justice, etc., and have taken part in the most mindless assault in all our nation’s history.

“One might say there are no Democrats who are up for re-election but really do you mean to tell me the Democrat rank and file can’t challenge the incumbents?

“That is weird in supposedly representative government.

“Or is it because the Democrat party bosses know there aren’t any honest, free elections anymore and don’t want to waste Islamo fascist (9-11 and all that stuff) and globalist-leftist cash on campaigns that don’t matter as the elections will be corrupt and phony anyway?

“Well, we will see.

“If we see the usual dirty tactics against Republicans to give an excuse for “elections” that let the unelected and unrepresentative poodles maintain or even gain seats we will know that we are living in a dictatorship. Period.”