Food for thought: Chef Juandel one smooth(ie) operator

By Argen Duncan: PNT senior writer

Chef Juandel makes wild smoothies that make a nice, light, nutritious breakfast or snack.

The chef, the culinary side of ENMU director of media relations Wendel Sloan, provided a smoothie recipe but said you can use whatever you have.

Following Wendel’s recipe, almost, I blended a banana, orange, pear and plum; pineapple chunks; strawberries; blueberries; two carrots; a vanilla meal replacement shake; and strawberry yogurt. I added a couple of splashes of almond extract instead of the recipe’s nuts.

That combo is dessert-sweet with a strong almond extract flavor.

Next time, I used the same recipe except with plain, lightly sweetened yogurt and, instead of almond extract, walnuts. The result: light sweetness.

Later, testing the anything-goes concept, I dumped carrots, apple juice, plain unsweet yogurt, mangoes, bananas, strawberries, a pear and raisins into the blender.

It made a fruity, fresh-tasting smoothie with a mango touch. Beware: The raisins escaped getting ground up.

Then, I tossed another vanilla shake into the mango mix. I tasted fruit, but vanilla dominated.

For all of the smoothies, flavors blended well and the bits of peel weren’t a problem for me.

You vegetable haters are safe, too — you don’t taste the carrots.