Meetings watch: County approves amendments to county indigent health care fund policy

During the Roosevelt County Commission meeting Tuesday commissioners:

• Approved amendments to the county indigent health care fund policy to increase the amount the county will pay for ambulance service to a maximum of $1,000 and decreased the amount of time allowed for claims appeals. With the changes, patients whose claims were denied have 10 days instead of 15 to submit a written notice of appeal after being notified of a denial and then 15 days instead of 30 to submit the necessary documentation.

Indigent administrator Vicki Aguilar said people sometimes “drag their feet” in submitting documentation when they have more time. People applying for the assistance have 90 days, plus a possible extension, to submit documentation before their claims are approved or denied.

• Approved two indigent health care claims.

• Heard Commissioner Bill Cathey say at the next meeting, he wants to discuss combining road money into one account and establishing a committee to disperse it.

— Compiled by PNT Senior Writer Argen Duncan.