Weekly news update

Wholesale milk prices rising

That milk mustache is topping off a smile these days among local dairy owners.

Wholesale milk prices are finally moving up.

Roosevelt County dairy owner Alan Anderson says wholesale milk prices were $12.86 per 100 pounds for last month’s milk.

That’s in the general break-even range of $12-$14 per hundred weight, depending on a particular dairy’s debt load and costs of agricultural products, he said.

Anderson said dairies are getting by and trying to recover from last year’s low milk prices.

Futures were predicting milk prices at $15 per 100 pounds in September and October, but optimism has dropped, he said.

Dairy owners now expect $14.61 per hundred weight in September and $14.76 in October.


Fireworks funds still needed

The countdown for fireworks is looking brighter in Portales.

The Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce is about $500 away from their goal in private donations needed to pay for the fireworks used at the annual Smokin’ Fourth of July Bash.

Among the latest donations — $1,000 from the San Juan Mesa wind project, $500 from the Print Shop and $500 from Dentist Peter Thompson.


Insurance claims jump

Claims from last week’s hail storm are on the rise for at least one major insurer in Roosevelt County.

State Farm Insurance spokesperson May Martinez-Hendershot says the number of auto claims jumped from 360 to 518 as of Friday.

Homeowner claims almost doubled, from 80 to 151.