My turn: Camping tips offered

Summer means camping in the great outdoors. That means pitching a tent, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over a campfire while telling ghost stories or singing songs. So here are some helpful survival tips for your next camping trip:

• If you’re going camping in a public campsite always borrow a tuba from someone and place it in plain site. This will keep the camping lots next to yours vacant.

• Always shake out your tent before setting it up. You never know what creepy crawly might be calling it home.

• Never fight with your wife or girlfriend while camping, for two reasons. First, there are too many loose objects she can pick up and throw. Second, sleeping under the stars is great, but having to sleep with the animals because she kicked you out of the tent — not cool.

• Please, don’t try to impress your camping buddies with your MacGyver skills. You could burn down the forest.

If you have some pictures from a recent camping, fishing or hunting trip, send them here. We’d love to publish them in the Portales News-Tribune.