Chamber’s fireworks displayed enhanced

By Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

The goal for the annual Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce fireworks display has exploded.

Donations not only met the $8,000 mark for the annual Smokin’ Fourth of July on Sunday, but exceeded it by $2,000.

Portales Mayor Sharon King, who is also executive director of the chamber, said Tuesday that this year’s fireworks display is going to be different.

“We have a different vendor this year shooting them for us,” King said. “So they put together a little different show and we were able to get it extended thanks to Roger Siemer, owner of Portales/Clovis Burger King. He threw in an extra $1,500 to take it up to a $10,000 show.”

King said any money left over will be put toward next year’s show.

Last year, the chamber was $1,000 short in raising money for the fireworks and had to cover the loss.

This year, the show has been extended three minutes and the display will be synchronized to music broadcast by 105.9 KSEL radio.

“It is going to be synchronized to music so that is new,” King said. “There is a variety of things the shooter has choreographed to a variety of different music.”

King said they made a video of what they do so she got to see what the show will look like.

Pyrotechnician Mike Rohrbacher of Roswell said the display would have a total of 1,800 shells, fired either individually or in multi-shot boxes. Four of them are 6-inch shells, and this year is the first for such large shells to be used in the Portales show, he said.

“The program is 21 minutes long all together and it is a mix of all kinds of different music,” Rohrbacher said. “There are some traditional patriotic pieces in there like the ‘Armed Force Medley.’ We are using ‘Stars and Strips Forever’ and there is a new variation of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ using electric guitars, and other songs.”