Their view: Governor candidates throw caution to the wind with questionable advertising claims

A recent post from New Mexico political blogger Joe Monahan:

More holes to tell you about in an ad for the race for Guv. This time it’s Susana Martinez’s claim in her primary spot that she has “taken on members of the most violent drug cartels.” Well, maybe that’s a stretch. From the New Mexican:

“So who are the members of Mexican drug cartels who Martinez says she has taken on?

“Martinez doesn’t name names. The basic response by Martinez and her campaign when asked about specific drug-cartel cases her office has prosecuted is that her office wouldn’t be getting federal High Intensity Drug Traffic Area funds if they weren’t prosecuting members of drug cartels.”

Both Martinez and Denish have thrown caution to the wind and come with questionable advertising claims that continue to be debunked in the press. It seems the old standard of coming with airtight negative ads has gone by the wayside. And it makes the candidates seem small, doesn’t it?