Camping tradition revived

By Helena Rodriguez: PNT columnist

It’s that wonderful time of year again, time for the Rodriguez annual Fourth of July Buffalo Springs Lake Survivor adventure.

It’s a family tradition that goes all the way back to 2007 or 2008. Hard to remember. It’s been so many beers, I mean years ago.

This ancient family tradition began when we started recalling, with fondness, how mom and dad took us camping as children to the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Villanueva and Fort Sumner.

We then realized our children had not been camping and so began a new family tradition that did not involve fighting over a remote control. We packed up and headed to Buffalo Springs.

Our annual Fourth of July campout is that once a year time when we “rough it.” We sleep in tents, cook our meals on an open fire, roast marshmallows on sticks and make them into S’mores, with graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate squares.

I’m sure cowboys on the open prairie had it just as rough. We also swim in the lake, tell stories, sing, hike, and check our email. Well, I tried to last year. I actually took my laptop. I was glad later that I couldn’t get service. I would have spent my whole camping trip Googling. That defeats the purpose.