Yard sale-ing has rules

By Grant McGee: Freedom New Mexico

It was Saturday morning and I was deftly shooting through the streets, handling the four-door family car like a Formula 1 racer at Le Mans, hurrying to the next big yard sale. I had the situation under control.

The Lady of the House saw it differently.

“Playing ‘chicken’ with my car again?” She asked, giving me “The Look” with a sideways glance. “Remember we have rules.”

Ah, the rules of Saturday yard sale-ing.

Yard sales may seem like utter chaos to some people, but to us professionals we know there are serious rules and regulations.

First, don’t get anxious and in a hurry when yard sale-ing. Get into the Zen of it all. If you are meant to have something, you will have it; if not you won’t. Applying this to everyday living may prevent unhappiness for the rest of your life.

Notice I used the word “may.”

Another rule is if you’re not sure if you want something, go ahead and pick it up. That gives you time to ponder if you really want it.

It’s highly likely if you don’t do this, it will be gone. Don’t want it? Put it back.

The big rule is: Yard sale-ing is not a life and death situation. There’s no need to forget your manners, or bump other people out of the way or block driveways or park in the middle of the street.

Yard sale-ing is for fun, not survival. It’s about finding that doo-dad you didn’t know you needed. It’s about finding that CD of greatest hits from that country singer you forgot about. It’s like an outing to a private boutique. It’s about having fun.

It is THE big Saturday morning social activity.

It’s also about driving the family car properly, not just for safety, but also to avoid “The Look.”