U.S. citizenship precious to all

Baxter Black

What a country!

July Fourth, Independence Day 2010 — as dissent and malaise fill the headlines, and bitter diatribe and blame mongering flood the airwaves, the question we should each ask each ourselves is, “Where would we rather be?”

Would I have a happier life if I took my family and moved to Taiwan? Or Brazil? Or France?

I look at the Irish-Americans who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and sing good old Irish songs. But how many O’Malleys and Kellys and Kennedys would repatriate if they could? Wait a minute, they can! But they don’t.

African Americans whose ancestors were slaves and are still trying to better their lot, don’t dream of returning to Liberia or Somalia or South Africa.

The descendents of Chinese railroad coolies and Japanese internment camp prisoners may honor the old country, but go back? Not on your life.

What about all the Mexican Americans who celebrate Cinco de Mayo and wave the Mexican flag? Do you think for one minute they would switch places with their relatives back in Mazatlan, Michoac