My turn: The best fisher is educated

By Clarence Plank: PNT stafff writer

Those who fish need to know what they’re doing.

Wendel Sloan, director of communications at Eastern New Mexico University, told me about a website — — that covers many different details about fishing and boating.

It has a list of places by state where you can go fishing and get a fishing license. This is helpful if you like to travel to Colorado, California or Wyoming to do some fishing because it is always good to know another state’s rules and regulations about fishing.

Also, people can register their boats, see tips on buying or selling a boat and safety tips.

The most interesting thing about the site was Fishopedia. It gives tips on how to fish, tie knots and prepare a catch. It also offers tips on what lures, rigs and tackle to use and where.

The site informs about how to identify a fish and where to find certain kinds of fish.