Sandwich that doubles as dessert

Argen Duncan

The versatile sandwich can make just as good of a dessert as it does a lunch.

I put Nutella, (spreadable chocolate, one the greatest things since the sliced bread you put it on), marshmallow cream and the ever-useful banana in a sandwich. For a small time investment, you get a rich dessert.

You may remember a pie with similar ingredients. Think of the sandwich as the expedited, simplified version of the concept.

I can’t claim it’s super healthy, particularly with the calories Nutella adds, but at least it has whole grains and fruit. Plus, if you just make it a half-sandwich, the calorie count shouldn’t be too bad. It’s gotta be healthier than a lot of desserts.

Seriously, try it out:

Sandwich for dessert

• Two slices whole-grain, low-calorie bread

• Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread

• Marshmallow cream

• Half a banana, sliced

Spread a moderate amount of Nutella on one slice of bread. Put marshmallow creme on the other. (It doesn’t spread too well, but glop some on in a few spots and squish it around.) Lay the banana slices on one slice of bread and cover them with the other.

Serves: 1-2.