My turn: Football season has begun

“Some people don’t have a life,” I was telling my parents on Sunday. “They’ve been counting down on Facebook the number of days, even hours, until the Cowboys pre-season opener today.”

I hadn’t even finished my sentence when Dad interrupted me. “Today?” he gulped.

“Yes,” I responded, but before I could finish my sentence, in the blink of an eye, Dad disappeared from the dinner table.

I looked across the living room, and there was Dad, already in his bedroom, with the TV tuned in to the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame game.

I sighed and rested my case.

The football season has unofficially begun, and for die-hard Cowboys fans, not a minute too soon. After last season’s disappointment — Dallas lost in the second round of the playoffs — fans are praying for a long-awaited Super Bowl win.

Cowboys have to win, right? After all, the Super Bowl will be played at the new Cowboys stadium in 2011. To not win would be a crime against … well … maybe not against humanity. … I mean, it is just football.

But try telling that to my cousin Gabriel and his wife Julie. Their wedding colors were silver and blue.

Or to my dad, who has a sign that reads, “On earth as it is in Texas.”