Their view: Immediate change can stave off fiscal disaster

Thomas J. Lucente Jr. writes for The Lima (Ohio) News. Here’s a sampling of a recent column:

While it will go nowhere, one Republican Ohio congressman has drafted a bill to institute something for which I have long advocated: Require taxpayers to pay their tax bills directly and put an end to the unconscionable practice of forcing private employers to act as tax collectors.

U.S. Rep. Bob Latta last month introduced H.R. 5959, the Tax Education and Accountability Act. The bill would end the law that requires employers to deduct federal taxes from an employee’s paycheck, therefore requiring individuals to pay their own tax liability on a quarterly basis.

“With this legislation, taxpayers will have a much better concept of exactly how much money Washington is taking from their paychecks,” Latta said. “Armed with this knowledge, it is my sincere hope that more taxpayers become interested in knowing exactly what their taxes go towards and how severe the out-of-control spending is under the Obama administration and the Democrat Congress.

The bill was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee where it will probably die.

Still, Latta’s point is valid.

If the United States is going to survive the 21st century and remain a somewhat free nation, then the people of this country need to wake up to the biggest national security threat in recent memory.

“As our nation faces a record deficit of over $1 trillion for the second straight year and a $13 trillion debt that will hit $20 trillion by 2020, we are on a path toward fiscal disaster and the only way to stop it is for more people to be aware of what is happening right now with the taxes they send to Washington,” Latta said.

By forcing Americans to write checks to Uncle Sam, the people will quickly understand exactly how much of their hard-earned money is being stolen by the government and redistributed to others.